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Danish Sport Headphones solve iPhone 7 problem

Danish Sport Headphones solve iPhone 7 problem

No adapter needed – just go wireless…

The Danish company MIIEGO, specialized in Wireless Sport Headphones, welcomes the launch of the new iPhone 7 and 7 Plus from Apple. Unlike previous versions, the new iPhones will not have a traditional headphone jack and MIIEGO provides a sporty and wireless alternative to using an adapter.

“With Apple’s new iPhones you can no longer use your old wired earphones without having to use an adapter, something we know many people finds very inconvenient. We also know that many consumers are not impressed with the sound and quality of the headphones that are included with their new phone. That means they will begin looking for a new alternative, and this is where our Wireless Bluetooth Headphones enter the picture,” says CEO and Co-founder of MIIEGO, Christian Jeppesen.

Wireless Headphones to the People

Wireless headphones used to be mostly for tech and gadget nerds, but today they are getting even more popular. During the past three years, there has been great development of sound quality, Bluetooth connectivity and battery life, which have all been improved significantly. As a result, many consumers have discovered the new type of headphones without the distracting wire.

“We experience a lot of customers who are surprised by the good sound quality of our products, and who had not entertained the thought that they can have wireless headphones with a sound quality that is superior to their old headphones with wires. Not having wires all over the place is liberating, particularly for active people who exercise, run, do fitness etc. On our must popular product, we are about to raise the battery life to 11 hours. For most people, that means that you may only have to charge your headphones once a week or every other week,” Jeppesen explains.

MIIEGO – Specialized in Sport Products

Apple also announced the launch of their own new wireless earphones called, AirPods, but that is not a matter of considerable concern for MIIEGO: ” We are super excited to see that Apple are now intensifying their focus on wireless technology with the launch of their new iPhone 7 series. We are specialized in developing great sport products that are sweat and rain resistant, and gives you a secure and stable fit during your training and workout sessions. Besides great sound performance, comfort and fit are key factors for us together with a fair price positioning level. So overall, I think we have something different to offer. Also, you should note that our products work not only with Apple products but with all your devices that have built-in Bluetooth”, Jeppesen explains.

During the past three years, the small Danish niche company MIIEGO has developed and sold Bluetooth headphones for sports use, and today it sells its products in a number of countries all over the world. As a result of supreme sound quality and excellent fit, MIIEGO’s headphones have won several consumer tests and awards within the sport industry in Denmark and abroad.

“We are very focused and determined in what we do. I think that is why we have made it this far in a relatively short period of time. We love sports, and we are dedicated to the sport segment. Additionally we know that particularly people in Scandinavia, in general are both sporty and interested in gadgets and they demand a high level of quality. They are picky consumers, who want good, sturdy products that work every time, and we do our best to meet their demands,” Jeppesen says.


For further information, please contact International Sales Manager, MIIEGO, Anders Nøhr via email an@miiego.com, phone: +45 22310742, or CEO, MIIEGO, Christian Jeppesen via email: cj@miiego.com or phone: +45 21773126.

PR photos, logos and product photos can be downloaded via: https://drive.google.com/open?id=0B7WacFl8iDFXN1VGczJnMUpKTW8