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MIIEGO Participates in Discover Blue: Las Vegas, Bluetooth®- Event

MIIEGO Participates in Discover Blue: Las Vegas, Bluetooth®- Event

MIIEGO® has been selected to showcase the new AL3+ FREEDOM series of Wireless Bluetooth Sport Headphones at the Discover Blue: Las Vegas event hosted by the Bluetooth® SIG on January 4th just before CES.

“We’re very excited that MIIEGO® was selected by Bluetooth® SIG to participate in the Discover Blue Event, and I see this as a recognition of our teams hard work and dedication in providing innovative high quality products to our users” said Christian Jeppesen, Founder and CEO of MIIEGO.

“Wireless devices are creating new possibilities and becoming more and more popular in sports and MIIEGO is a good example of how wireless products can improve the user experience and performance during sports, where you no longer have to worry about annoying cables when listening to music during your workout.”

MIIEGOs products are carefully designed to stay in place and have a comfortable fit on your ears.

“With our new AL3+ FREEDOM series we offer long battery life, excellent sound performance and a different lightweight ON-EAR design with an ultra-secure fit that will stay in place, and where you no longer have to worry about earbuds constantly falling out of your ears or filling up with earwax. And they will not irritate the inside of your ear canal and give you sore ears. We are really expecting a lot of the launch of our new AL3+ FREEDOM series, and we have already received a lot of great feedback from our customers and just this month AL3+ FREEDOM was recommended by both IRONMAN and RUNNER’S WORLD as Gear of the Year, something we are obviously proud of” said Christian Jeppesen.



MIIEGO® is a multiple award-winning Danish brand that specializes in Wireless Sport Headphones.

The company was founded in Aarhus, Denmark in 2010, and is one of few expert players in the market focused on developing high-quality wireless headphones solely for sports.

MIIEGOs products are designed and developed in cooperation with a wide number of professional athletes, and the products are built to last and to survive the harsh, challenging Scandinavian climate.

Today MIIEGO® products are being used by both the amateur jogger as well as professional athletes all over the world, distributed and sold in sport and running shops worldwide.

MIIEGO® is a registered Danish trademark 100% committed to sport – owned by MIIEGO ApS.