al3+ coral ltd. edition

Our Award-Winning Sport Headphones AL3+ FREEDOM in a new cool COLAR color limited edition with the ultra-secure fit you know. Designed for sport.

Excellent sound quality and an impressive battery life that gives you more than 11 HOURS of playing time on every charge.

For a limited time only!



Be sporty and stay cool with our NEW CORAL limited edition of AL3+ WOMAN Sport Headphones.

The length of the neckwire on AL3+ CORAL is the same as for AL3+ WOMAN.

Fitted for WOMEN - shorter neckband for smaller-sized heads.



AL3+ CORAL from MIIEGO are AWARD-WINNING on-ear wireless headphones - designed for Sport - comfortable and stable to wear and with long battery time. Due to the soft and flexible neckband, AL3+ CORAL will stay in place and let you focus on your training and performance.

On iPhones/iOS devices you can see the battery status of AL3+ wireless headphones on your smartphone screen.

AL3+ CORAL will give you premium stereo sound quality and with the built-in microphone it is easy to make and take calls.

Volume, tracks, pause and taking calls are easily controlled with the buttons on the side of the headphones.

AL3+ CORAL can be folded, so you can carry them in your pocket or in the water-resistant MIIEGO protective case that is included in the pack.

Once you have started your exercise, you will never again need to have your device/phone in your hands. AL3+ CORAL will let you focus on your training and sport.


נתוני המוצר


בלוטוס גרסה 4.0
עובד עם כל המכשירים בעלי חיבור בלוטוס
חיווי מצב סוללת האוזניות על מכשירי אפל
מרחק קליטה: עד 10 מטרים.
זמן שמע: 10 שעות
זמן ניהול שיחה: 10 שעות
זמן המתנה: 250 שעות
זמן טעינה: 2-3 שעות
בטרייה: ליתיום פולימר נטען (100mAh)
גודל: מתאים להכל




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