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Award-winning headphones at RUNNER'S WORLD: Waterproof design, exceptional sound, long battery time


Are you ready for ACTION with unlimited freedom to move? Then meet your new ultimate training partner; MiiBUDS ACTION by MIIEGO®.

The MiiBUDS ACTION are completely cable-free and true wireless earbuds (TWS), built for ACTION with a secure ear hook design, IPX6 waterproof certification, and state-of-the-art audio performance with premium COMPLY® ear tips, as well as an extreme and impressive battery capacity giving you up to 90 hours of total playing time!


In 2021, the largest runners’ magazine in the world has completed a large scaled test of wireless headphones for fitness and running.

The test winner became MiiBUDS ACTION by MIIEGO ahead of numerous other great and international brands.

MiiBUDS ACTION by MIIEGO® are declared winners due to the high quality and comfort in this audio product that gives you true value for money.

  • Test concluded: ”Amazing sound and battery time for a reasonable amount of money.” – “No nonsense, just Danish quality.”
  • ”Battery time: Up to 90 hours!”
  • ”Fits perfectly in your ear from start and also after many miles.”

– Runner’s World

ACTION Fit With Secure Ear Hooks And A Built-In Microphone

The flexible and soft MIIEGO® ACTION ear hooks ensure that your earbuds will stay comfortably and safely in place throughout your workout. The ear hook goes over and behind your ear, which makes it a great and safe choice for all physical activities such as, running, training, and active movement in general.

The weight of each MiiBUD is only 8 grams, which makes them very lightweight and comfortable to wear – you will soon forget you are wearing them!

The MiiBUDS ACTION has a built-in microphone in each earbud for making calls as well as one easy-to-operate button on each side.


BUILT FOR Running And OUTDOORS: IPX6 Waterproof

The MiiBUDS ACTION earbuds are fully sweat and water proof as they are designed and engineered for an active lifestyle, and to survive the harsh and challenging Scandinavian climate. They can be used during all workout and weather conditions, such as your next run in heavy rain. No need to worry, your MiiBUDS will last as they are IPX6 waterproof certified.


By using high-quality and optimized audio components, the MiiBUDS ACTION delivers crystal-clear sound with powerful bass and crisp treble performance. Excellent audio quality and an uncompromised music experience, whether for indoor or outdoor use.

MIIEGO® delivers award-winning high performing audio quality and has won numerous international awards for outstanding functional design and superb sound performance for your active life.

The MiiBUDS ACTION earbuds can be paired and used together or individually with all Bluetooth® devices. That includes smartphones and sports watches, which makes the MiiBUDS ACTION your ideal new workout buddy!

Impressive Battery Life And A Built-In Power Bank


Each MiiBUD contains a powerful built-in battery that provides you with up to 6 hours of music time per charge. The earbuds will automatically wirelessly charge in the MIIEGO® charging case, whenever they are placed in there, and they can be recharged up to 14 times inside the case! That gives you up to an impressive 90 hours of music playing time per charge of the charging case.

The MIIEGO® charging case can also be used as an external power bank to provide extra power for your smartphone or other devices through the built-in USB-port. The charging case also has a handy charging cable discretely mounted on the back, so you always have it with you.

As a new feature the MiiBUDS ACTION charging case can now be charged via wireless charging. That way it will be even easier for you to charge the case, when it is time for that.

*The exact battery time will depend on the volume level and type of music you listen to. We recommend not listening to music at high volume levels over long periods as this may damage your hearing.

High-Quality Memory Foam Ear Tips From COMPLY™

The MiiBUDS ACTION by MIIEGO® come with pre-installed high-quality COMPLY™ ear tips made from a super soft memory foam material. These unique and top-of-the-line ear tips from the USA will gently fit the size of your ear canal, preventing them from falling out, and provides unparalleled comfort and an ideal custom in-ear fit for your ears.

The snug fit of the COMPLY™ ear tips also increases the isolation and blocking out of external noise, providing you with a better audio experience with enhanced bass. You will be all set to enjoy your favourite music without external distractions.

Besides COMPLY™ ear tips, you also get another three sets of silicone ear tips included for you to optimize your personal and perfect in-ear fit.

Silicone ear tips come in three sizes: S, M, and L.

The MiiBUDS ACTION TWS earbuds are proudly presented by Danish Audio Brand Specialists: MIIEGO® – Active Lifestyle Audio.




Arctic White

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Additional information

Type: In-Ear
Product Name: MiiBUDS ACTION
Art. No: 11062
Bluetooth Version: 5.0
Product Weight: 8 / 130 grams

IPX Level Certification: IPX6
Built-in Microphone: Yes
Charging Cable: USB-C
Battery Type: Lithium-Ion
Battery Capacity: 2×50 / 1800 mAh
Transmitting Frequency: 2,4 GHz

Frequency Response: 20Hz – 20kHz
Battery Playing Time per Charge – Up To: 6 / 90 hours
Changeable Ear Tips/Cushions: Yes
Extra Ear Tips/Cushions Included: Yes
EAN 13: 0768563815478