Which headphones should you choose when you need new headphones for running? Which things are important when it comes to ensuring you have a good run with music in your ears? And how do you find out exactly what your needs are?

We can help you with that!


That is a very good question. There is no doubt that music can help make the run much better and even give you extra energy to run a little longer. That is why it is also important to find headphones for running that are just right for you.


The in-ear running headphones, MiiBUDS ACTION II, are wireless running partners that set your run on fire. In-ear headphones for running are especially good if you like to shut the world out when you run.

MiiBUDS ACTION II have unique COMPLY eartips made of modellable memory foam. They are made to fit snugly in your ear and make sure that your running headphones do not fall off, even when you sprint away. The good fit is supported by the soft silicone strap that attaches the MiiBUDS ACTION headphones to your ear.

When you are looking for headphones for running, robustness is crucial. Running headphones must be able to withstand being used – even when rain or snow is falling. Therefore, MiiBUDS ACTION II are IPX6 certified, which means that they can withstand large amounts of sweat and rain. So, when the sky opens on your run out in nature, or you are dripping in sweat on the treadmill, you don’t have to worry about your headphones for running.

Freedom of movement and battery life: essential for running headphones
Although robustness and fit are crucial, the most important thing about a headset for running is most likely: freedom of movement. Therefore, the MiiBUDS ACTION II – like all MIIEGO headphones – are completely wireless and weigh only 8 grams per earbud. There is absolutely nothing keeping you from running just the way you like to.

And do you know what also shouldn’t stop you? Your headphones running out of battery.
With MiiBUDS ACTION II, you not only get functional headphones for running, but also a very special MiiBUDS ACTION charging case. When you place your MiiBUDS ACTION headphones in it, they automatically charge. In total, the MiiBUDS ACTION II and the charging case provide up to 90 hours of playing time. You don’t get messages about low battery after 100 meters of your run but can instead enjoy endorphins and good music!


Are you the type of person, that does not enjoy having headphones for running inside your ear? And do you still want a perfectly solid fit when you throw yourself on the track and run away?
Then you might consider MIIEGO’s AL3+ FREEDOM headphones. AL3+ FREEDOM is one of MIIEGO’s most popular wireless headphones, which has been sold over 100,000 times in Scandinavia alone.
When you buy the AL3+ FREEDOM, you get a razor-sharp running headset that is made to fit snugly. The headphone has a comfortable strap that goes around the neck and secures your favourite tracks throughout the run. This keeps up whether you are running slowly, fast, or stopping along the way to do jumping jacks or push-ups. They even sit tightly when you do a front flip! We tested it.
The fit of these headphones is so important that we have chosen to produce them in two different sizes, guaranteeing that the neckband fits perfectly around the neck of all heads – large and small, wide and narrow.

Like the MiiBUDS ACTION II, the AL3+ FREEDOM are also waterproof headphones for running, so you can calmly have them on both outside and inside, without having to worry about rain or sweat.

Easy controlling of headphones for running
Another thing that is important when choosing headphones for running is how they are operated. Do you need to have your phone out of your pocket every time you need to change the song or adjust the volume? No, right?
Few people want to stop and adjust or pull out their phone during a run. But that also doesn’t mean you have to compromise and trudge through songs that don’t inspire you.
Instead, choose running headphones that allow you to switch songs, turn the volume up and down, or receive calls. The AL3+ FREEDOM allows you to do this by using the buttons on the side of the headphones. Completely simple and easy to navigate – even when you run.


We have already presented two sharp bids for your next set of headphones for running – and here comes the third, and perhaps a little more of a classic bid!
BOOM MIINI is a wireless on-ear headphone weighing only 155 grams. Its lightweight and functional design helps make the headphone ultra-comfortable to wear when you are running. In addition, the inside of the BOOM MIINI’s headband is padded with a soft material that feels nice on your head.

Running headphones must have bass!
Of course, finding the right headphones for running is also about finding the right sound. That’s why all MIIEGO’s headphones have been developed with a focus on sharp sound, which allows for plenty of bass on the run.
On the BOOM MIINI model, it has also been a priority to add the components from our larger headphone BOOM, which has previously won awards for its fantastic sound. This means that BOOM MIINI has the lightness that a headphone for running requires and at the same time the heavy bass and clear treble that makes the sound experience something very special – every time.

Sweat is not a reason to stop with these headphones – just run!
But what about when you sweat a lot during the run? Are the ear-cushions being destroyed? No. Because BOOM MIINI comes with two sets of them. One in a soft PU fabric and one made of a unique mesh material that has been developed for sports and movement. Want an extra detail? The sports ear-cushions can be washed at 30 degrees when they have been out on hard trips.
You can easily change the cushions and put the new ones on by rotating them firmly. That way, you get rid of crumbling ear-cushions and instead get full freedom to run without any worries.

Whether you prefer in-ear, on-ear, or a specific type of headband, we at MIIEGO have wireless and functional headphones for running that will suit you.
Do you want more inspiration? Or want to dive even further into one of the headphones above? Then check our large collection of headphones for running and active lifestyle.