Are you in need of new headphones for training? But are you in doubt about which ones to get? Then let us at MIIEGO help you.

MIIEGO is a Danish brand that was founded in 2010. Our mission is to create wireless audio specifically for an active lifestyle with movement. In other words: to find a way to combine unique audio experiences and sleek design with the durability and functionality required of headphones for training.
When you buy products from MIIEGO, not only can you expect good sound but also a headset for training, which is built to withstand all the challenges you may face during training.

With MIIEGO’s headphones for training, you can jump, sprint, lift, stretch or even stand on your hands and still have good, wireless sound with you. No matter what type of workout you do, we have a headphone that matches your needs.


For example, are you happy to start your workout with a solid and sweaty run on the treadmill? Then you might want to take a look at the MiiBUDS ACTION II.
In-ear training headphones with full focus on functionality.

MiiBUDS ACTION II has razor-sharp sound and is IPX6 certified. This simply means that the headphones are both sweat and waterproof, and you can therefore use them during even the most sweat-dripping trips on the treadmill or crosstrainer.

Finding in-ear headphones for training can be difficult. It requires just the right fit, which is sometimes a challenge to pull off. That’s why the MiiBUDS ACTION II emphasizes comfort. The MiiBUDS ACTION II come with a soft silicone ear-hook that secures the earphone behind the ear, as well as unique memory foam eartips. The high-quality memory foam eartips are shaped according to your ear canal, so you not only get headphones for training that sit tightly but also headphones that remain comfortable even after longer use.

Finally, the in-ear headphones MiiBUDS ACTION II come with a charging case, which you can easily carry with you. Together, the case and headphones provide up to 90 hours of playing time. So you do not have to worry about running out of power – even during long runs.


As mentioned, the high functionality applies not only to MiiBUDS ACTION II but to all of our training headsets. Another favourite for training among our users is BOOM by MIIEGO.

BOOM is a wireless over-ear headphone that has won both national and international awards for its sleek design and high functionality. The perfect headphones for strength training!

Get rid of worn ear-cushions on your training headphones
If you have previously used headphones for training, you may have experienced that the ear-cushions become worn due to sweat or water during training. With a BOOM by MIIEGO headset for training, you do not have to worry about this. The headphones come with two pairs of ear-cushions that can be easily replaced with just a single turn. One of these pairs of ear-cushions is made with a unique mesh material that has been developed especially for training. The pair can be washed in the washing machine at 30 degrees. You can wear your headphones for training and give them full throttle, without having to think about whether they can withstand sweat and water.


At MIIEGO, we are also aware that training is a very individual thing. For some, it is only a real workout if they have broken their record in lifting heavy weights, while for others it feels better to do a lot of sit-ups in the living room or push-ups in the woods after a run.

Do you want inspiration for a workout you can do both indoors and outdoors? Then read MIIEGO Ambassador and personal trainer, Jakob Schmidt’s four great training exercises with accompanying music.

MIIEGO also has a headphone for YOUR workout
Creating headphones for training both outdoors, indoors and for all kinds of sports and forms of exercise is MIIEGO’s speciality. That is why our products are all functional but still different from model to model, so that every one of our customers can find the headphone that fits exactly to their needs. At Team MIIEGO, we welcome everyone from professional top athletes to self-appointed cosy exercisers, with open arms. In our view, all movement is good, if it creates joy and is complemented by a good song or maybe an exciting podcast.

Which headphones do you need for training?
When we say that everyone should have the opportunity to find the perfect headphones for training, we mean it. That is why we offer both in-ear, on-ear, and over-ear headphones.
What they all have in common is that they are wireless, they can withstand water and sweat, they have a nice Scandinavian design, and they deliver awesome sound experiences.
In addition, many of our training headphones have in common that they have won awards and tests. Get an insight into why MIIEGO wins when it comes to audio for an active lifestyle.

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