Danish triathlete Michelle Vesterby has by the age of 37 won 13 triathlon- and Iron Man medals at competitions all over the world. The next race she has her eyes set on is the 2021 World Triathlon Long Distance Championships Almere-Amsterdam. And she’s determined to win.


Michelle Vester radiates positive energy every day, as she jumps in the pool, races off on her bike or straps on her running shoes and runs out into nature.

Being a triathlete and competing in several Iron Man competitions every year – and winning, as she most recently did at the Iron Man Lanzarote in July 2021 – is no joke.

Having to swim 3.9 kilometers, bike 180 kilometers and finish off with a marathon means that triathletes must be in great shape both psychically and mentally. Put in other words: you have to want it. And Michelle Vesterby does.


Despite triathlons being a very serious sport, there is one more and very important thing, that drives Michelle towards her goals: the joy of movement. Her motto is “Keep smiling” which you will see written across the tightly fitted pink suit Michelle Vesterby wears when running across the finish line in a race.

A motto she lives up to herself as she smiles her way through not only daily workouts, but also competitions in incredible heat, heavy rain or whirling winds.


Michelle grew up in the small Danish town Herning, where she at a young age started doing sports. This firstly lead to a career as an elite swimmer and later on a triathlete.

Now Michelle Vesterby shares her experiences from the road to the podium on her Instagram profile @vesterbytri. Here she shares both ups and downs with her followers whilst giving out motivational tips and showing that it’s possible to be a good coach, a great mother and a medal winning triathlete all at the same time.
At MIIEGO we have nothing but admiration for Michelle Vesterby and her positive spirit, which is also why she is an MIIEGO ambassador and part of the #teammiiego family.

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The reason why I’m a MIIEGO ambassador is because it’s a truly Danish brand, that at the same time has some incredible products.
I like to be able to listen to music or a podcast, whenever I’m on the road. Whether I’m going for a run or working out at the gym, I just treasure being able to have great sound experiences with me. Plus when I’m doing these active things I really need quality gear – and that’s why I have MIIEGO headphones.

– Michelle Vesterby

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