At MIIEGO we are proud to announce that we have become official audio partner and sponsor for Denmark’s Ultra Running National Team.

Ultra running is a term used for organized running and competitions on distances longer than a marathon.
The minimum distance is usually 50 km, and the races can take place at everything from running tracks to country roads or hilly terrain. In other words – It is hard, exhausting and insanely exciting racing that requires great willpower and amazing shape.

Denmark’s Ultra Running National Team consists at the beginning of 2022, of 23 skilled runners, who are all extremely passionate about running long distances. The runners on the Danish Ultra Running National Team, will participate and compete both nationally and internationally in distances of 50 km, 100 km and a 24 hour race in 2022.

An obvious match
For MIIEGO sponsoring the Ultra Running National Team is the beginning of an obvious partnership. MIIEGO’s partnership manager, Henrik Østergaard, explains it like this: “Even though this is a niche sport in a global sports world, we at MIIEGO want to recognize the great amount of work which is being invested in and performed by Denmark’s Ultra Running National Team. The dedication and focused mindset, which characterizes the Danish Ultra Running National Team, is something that MIIEGO both recognizes and reflects in. We completely share the mindset and philosophy about running, and the fundamental feeling constantly wanting to improve and to be that little nudge better than everyone else”.

Help on the road towards results
The Danish Ultra Running National Team agrees. Peter Lund Torjussen, the representative for the Danish Ultra Running National Team, tells us that their organization is unique by having a collaboration partner who shares the same values and goals.

“One of our most highlighted common denominators is our desire for sport and running especially. We are both ambitious and want to be among the best – along with a strong team focus and a deep faith that together we can go even further”, explains Peter Lund Torjussen.

He sees the collaboration as a step on the road to strengthening the sport. Peter Lund Torjussen says: “I see great and exciting opportunities by this collaboration. MIIEGO’s support with financial resources and excellent products ensures that we can travel even further on our journey. The strong and heartfelt desire to reach new goals and explore the difficult, is something we have in common – and at the same time we can create value for each other along the way”.

Great sound for long runs
In the collaboration between MIIEGO and the Danish Ultra Running National Team there is one unique factor that binds it all together. The functional headphones built to last.

At MIIEGO we work hard every day to create good functional products in high quality, where even the smallest details make a huge and often essential difference for the performance in the end. Just as a runner feels joy and pride by completing or winning a race, MIIEGO rejoices when our products win a product test or when they are being elected as the best within our product area. We are product of all our test winning headphones, and want to continue that journey.

The Danish Ultra Running National Team and MIIEGO is a great match. Our wireless audio products are built for long and intensive runs – both in dry and rainy weather. Something the Ultra Running National Team noticed from the very beginning. “MIIEGO really is a cool company, who makes really awesome and user-friendly products – and athletes simply have a huge need for good audio products for training usage” Peter Lund Torjussen points out.

The extra long running distances are gaining more and more popularity, and the Danish Ultra Running National Team spots and finds the best and most dedicated long distance runners in the country, who all perform out of the ordinary. We, at MIIEGO, are extremely happy that we can offer our support, and we are proud to be the official audio partner to a dedicated Danish National Team – and now with specialized Danish sound in their ears!

Going forward we are really looking forward to being part of the run!

Ultra runner Diana Kämpes favorite running headphones:
Diana Kämpe is a dedicated runner in Denmark’s Ultra Running National Team and MIIEGO ambassador. Read more about her MIIEGO favorites below:

“I just love MIIEGO and I have their headphones for several hours a day for many years now. When you run really long distances, it is important that you can trust your gear and that it is working 100%, and the fit and quality is top notch. And it really is at MIIEGO! My favorite headphones from MIIEGO are the MiiBUDS ACTION II. They fit perfectly in my ears, they are light-weighted and have a long battery time. The sound is really good and they allow me to be in “my own world” which is important for me during the long runs”.


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