MiiPARTY GO by MIIEGO - Wireless speaker in a stylish design

The new MiiPARTY GO by MIIEGO®, is the latest way to start a party with great sound with MIIEGO. The portable wireless speaker produces a particularly rich sound and with its 60 watts output it has more than enough power to satisfy any party.


MiiPARTY GO by MIIEGO® is a wireless speaker in a beautiful design and with good sound, specially developed for an active life on-the-go, indoors as well as outdoors.

The design is stylish and simple, but at the same time of a very solid and robust construction with a practical integrated carry handle at the top. It is a speaker that is designed to be used. The size is handy and therefore easy and practical to carry around. It can be placed both vertically and horizontally - standing or lying down - whichever way to want it.


With its IPX4 certification, it is resistant to both rain and water, making it ideal for outdoor use in the unsettled Scandinavian climate. Whether you're going to the beach, the football field or having a picnic with your friends. And MiiPARTY GO also has built-in party lights, that can easily be switched on or off, as well as 4 different EQ genre settings "Bass", "Rock", "Pop" and "Classic".

MiiPARTY GO has an RRP of 349,-€ and you can find it at certain retailers or online at www.miiego.com

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