Good sound during your workout can affect motivation and effectiveness. You may be familiar with this: your favourite track turns on, and suddenly the last few minutes on the treadmill feel less tough. And it’s true! Studies show that you can perform up to 15% more when you listen to music during your workout.

But good sound for training requires good headphones.

At MIIEGO, we work purposefully to create the best headphones specifically for an active lifestyle. Headphones that not only provide fantastic sound experiences and have a sharp Danish design but are also built to last even the longest and most sweaty training session.

This means, among other things, that MIIEGO headphones are wireless, have long battery life and can withstand sweat and water.

Which one should you choose? We give you an offer here, whether you are for running, strength training or yoga.

BOOM Titanium


For when you want to be “in the zone” without distractions

BOOM by MIIEGO is a great over-ear headphone for those who wants to shut the world out and focus 100% on their workout.
BOOM is also available with active noise cancellation, which makes the outside noise disappear and gives you more room to focus on yourself. It’s just you, your workout, and good sound. For that reason and many more, BOOM has won tests at iFORM and ISPO, just to name a few.

With BOOM you get:

- A wireless headphone that gives you unlimited freedom of movement during your exercises.
- Award-winning sound with razor-sharp treble and powerful bass that guarantees your favourite trackswillburst through.
- Interchangeable ear-cushions that can be easily turned off and changed according to your specific needs.
~ A set of ear-cushions in soft PU leather, whichareideal for casual and office use.
~ A set of unique MIIEGO® Active Lifestyle ear-cushions in a breathable mesh material that can be washed in the washing machine at 30 degrees. Perfect for sweaty workouts.
- Extremely long battery life. With up to 36 hours of battery life, you are guaranteed uncompromising music experiences through many workouts.
- Delicious, timeless, and functional Scandinavian design, which, among others, makes it easy to fold the headphones and carry them in your training bag.


Read more about BOOM by MIIEGO and see the many beautiful colours here:



The lightweight headphone for training and on-the-go

BOOM MIINI by MIIEGO is an ultralight on-ear headphone that provides impressive sound experiences. It is the headphone for fitness enthusiasts that refuse to compromise on sound quality. BOOM MIINI is a bit smaller than BOOM, which makes it obvious for those who like to work out with a lot of movement. They stay firmly attached, whether you make a burpee, run on a treadmill, or stretch out on the yoga mat.

With BOOM MIINI you get:

- Ultra-compact wireless headphone that weighs only 155 grams, provides full freedom of movement and great comfort during your workout.
- The BOOM series’ award-winning sound quality delivers crystal clear sound with optimized sound components.
- IPX5 certified sweat and water-resistant headphone.
- Two sets of replaceable ear-cushions:
~ A set of delicious ear-cushions in PU leather for everyday use.
~ A unique set of Active Lifestyle ear-cushions in a breathable mesh material, which is specifically made for training. These can be washed in the washing machine at 30 degrees, so they are clean and ready for your next workout.
- Impressively long battery life of 21 hours per charge.
- A sharp design in two classic colours that can also be used outside the gym.


Read more about the test-winning BOOM MIINI by MIIEGO here:

MiiBUDS ACTION II Arctic White


The in-ear headphones for those who dream of top-class sound on the treadmill.

MiiBUDS ACTION II are the ultimate training partners and a MIIEGO bestseller. The wireless in-ear design with the comfortable silicone ear-hook and the fantastic sound are among the many reasons why the running magazine RUNNER’S WORLD handed them an award in 2021.


- The world-class audio quality provides unsurpassed sound for your workouts.
- Extra comfort and stable fit with the specially designed ear-hook that sits comfortably behind your ear and holds the headphones firmly through any activity.
- Special COMPLY eartips made of memory foam that shape themselves to your ear canal, for superb comfort, and at the same time block out external noise. Perfect for a noisy gym.
- Sweat and waterproof design, designed to handle even the sweatiest rides on the treadmill.
- Impressive battery life that gives you a total of up to 90 hours of playing time.
- A MIIEGO charging case, so charging can be done easily and simply in the case itself.


Should MiiBUDS ACTION II be your partners on the treadmill? Read more about them here: